$300 in bounties won


Q: How do I use this site?
A: First find an issue on any of the services we support, paste a link to it, and add a bounty. Additionally you can add to existing bounties or if you are a coder you can complete the tasks and get the bounty!

Q: How long will the bounty remain on the issue?
A: As long as you want. You can request a refund within 60 days for a 3% fee, after that the bounty stays on the issue until it is closed.

Q: What does open mean?
A: Open means that the issue has not been fixed, coders can commit their code and fix the issue.

Q: What does in review mean?
A: In review means that the coder has committed a fix, and the issue reporter and bounty placers are reviewing the code. Bounties can still be placed and when the issue remains closed for 3 days, the bounty is paid out to the coder who committed the code to close the issue.

Q: What does paid mean?
A: Paid means that the issue has been fixed, was in review for 3 days and has been verified as closed. Also, the bounty was paid to the coder who closed the issue.

Q: Can you integrate my bug tracker for my company?
A: Yes! Let us know by sending an email to coderbounty at gmail.com

Q: I code, will I be guaranteed the bounty?
A: Yes! Payment is collected up front and held in escrow. When your code is approved you will receive a payment to your selected payment service.

Q: What does take mean?
A: Take gives you exclusive rights to close the issue. This issue will be blocked from anyone else taking it and you will have 24 hours to resolve the issue.